What nutrients should I use?/How much nutrient should I use?

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I highly recommend Dynagrow/Dynabloom nutes in your bubblers. This is an excellent source of nutrition for your dope. I believe you will see marked improvements in your plants overall health using Dynagrow and Dynabloom.
For clones and young plants,use the dynagrow formula and keep a reading of 250-300ppm.

For veg, use the Dynagrow formula and keep a TDS reading of 400-500.
For flowering in the first few weeks using the Dynabloom, keep a TDS reading of 500 PPM. For some strains with High N requirements you may want to mix Dynabloom and Dynagrow at a ratio of 3:1 as The bloom formula contains 3% N,and MAY not be enough for strains with High N requirements. Start flowering with full Bloom and watch your plants,if you begin to see some yellowing early on,dump the nutes and switch to the 3:1 Bloom/Grow mix. After the first few weeks,switch to full bloom (if youre not already using it) and you can start pushing the plants. You want to keep a TDS reading of 500-900ppm. Again,read your plants....900ppm may be too hot for some strains. This will be sufficient to take the plants all the way to the final week of flowering at which point you can flush with plain pH adjusted water.
*Note: If you are growing large plants,ppm's for (late)veg and flower can be increased by 2-300ppm.

Throughout your grow you want a pH of around 5.5 however,between 5.2-5.8 is acceptable. A hydroponic grade TDS meter or an EC meter is a MUST with any hydroponic system to accurately measure nutrient strength. If nutrients are too low,the plant will not recieve proper nutrition and will begin to show nutrient deficiencys. If nutrients are too strong,you will burn the plants,possibly killing them!

Dynagrow is really an excellent hydro nutrient for dope. Your plants will get very balanced and complete nutrition. Add to that the phenomenal growth rate of bubblers and of course good genetics and what you get is an extremely healthy,beautiful dope plant that lives up to its FULL potential ;-)

See also highgrades General Hydro recipe.

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