How can I get rid of slimy roots?

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Slimy roots are a sign of algae growth. If you havent already,read the section entitled "How can I stop algae from growing in the bucket?" to prevent future outbreaks of algae growth. To correct any problems with current algae growth,follow the simple instructions here and the problem should be corrected in a few days.
  • Make a solution (the amount equivalent to the size of your bucket) with plain water and 10ml of H2o2 (Hydrogen peroxide) added per gallon of water.
  • Empty the bucket containing the algae growth and scrub well.
  • Pour the H2o2 solution into the bucket through the top of your net pot.
  • Let this sit for about 1/2 hour and then dump and rinse through the top of the net pot with plain pH adjusted (pH5.5) water.
  • Dump again and then fill with your standard nute solution with 5ml of H2o2 added.
  • In a few days,when no signs of the slime are visible,dump the bucket and fill with your standard nute solution.
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