What is Supercropping?

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Supercropping is just a coined word for bush style growing. This style is most effective with lights of 600 watts or greater as they allow good penetration down the canopy. The "High Times" version of Supercropping involved using Maxi-Crop and Superthrive everytime you water.. I'll agree on the kelp but adding Superthrive for the whole life cycle is a waste.

The important part of the technique involves topping the plant-- cutting off the main grow shoot. When you grow bush style with clones it is important to top the plant very soon after the clone roots so that you provide a strong base where the branches start low on the trunk. I prefer to take the very first grow shoot on the clone and let the two beneath it grow instead. Then top those two shoots as soon as they have two nodes below them and so forth. Doing this will give you a beachball shaped plant that can even be grown 1-per-light Aussie Style.
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