What are all female seeds and how are they created?

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Contributed by Mr.XX and TheSiliconMagician:

This is the strategy of Mr. XX, a Dutch breeder, for creating all female seedlines from slight hermaphroditic pollen. What he does is put the lights on 12/12 for 10 days. Then turns the lights on 24 hours, then 12/12 again for a few days, then back to 24 hours for a day, then 12/12 again for a few weeks.

If he does this and no hermaphrodites come up. He has found a 100% XX female that cannot go hermaprhoditic naturally. He says that your chances of finding a 100% XX female is vastly increased when using Indica genetics. He told me that the more Afghanni or Nepalese genetics the plant has, the better the chances of finding a natural XX female. His
exact words were "Where did mother nature give weed a home at originally?"

I tried to get him to narrow it down to a ratio, but he never specified just how many plants per are XX females his exact words are "plenty of XX girls for everybody" and that is all he will say on the subject. Only that it takes alot of time and alot of plants to find that one female.

He then uses Gibrellic acid. 30 centiliters of water with 0.02 grams of Gibrellic acid and 2 drops of Natruim Hydroxide to liquify the Gibrellic. Then applies as normal and creates the male flowers. He has gotten down to the 4th Generation with NO loss of vigor, NO genetic deficiencies and NO hermaphrodites. He claims that the plants are EXACT GENETIC CLONES of one another. Complete sisters. Basically it's clone from seed instead of from normal cloning methods.
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