What is the proper way to use Earth Juice?

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Per gallon of water for budding:

1 tablespoon Earth Juice Bloom
1 teaspoon Earth Juice Grow (for the first couple of weeks, only if its a long flowering strain)
1 tablespoon MaxiCrop

If you don't/can't get Earth Juice you can use a tea made of bat guano / castings as a fine substitute.

Let this mix in a reservoir at least 24 hours, and feed. This time top it up with plain water till it's full. It will still have some flavor of course since it's in the same container and you shouldn't drain it all the way. Keep it mixing at all times. Next time add fert... alternate with water, cut out the grow half way through, harvest, cure, smoke, get high!

The circulating reservoir is the key to using those indoor organics efficiently. I don't use Fox Farm anymore, silly to pay 4 times as much as the EJ. When mixed straight into water, the Earth Juice bloom drops the pH to the mid 4's. The solution is to let it circulate and aerate for at least 24 hours. The best way to do it is with a permanent reservoir-- a large bucket or trough that is always filled with water. There should be one large pump in there that is always on and circulating the solution. I also throw in some air wands on a pump, but thats not a big deal. As long as its mixing it will work. Hook the pump up with a Y so that one branch is always mixing the tank and then the other branch can be a long hose for your watering wand. You don't re-use the drained water, just toss it on your backyard garden.

As the reservoir circulates, it starts the breakdown of the nutrients and the pH will rise. Like I said previously, with this system there is no need to check the pH ever-- just keep the reservoir circulating and the mix has loads of buffering capacity. You only need to add liquid ferts every other or every third watering.
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