What is the Sea of Green method?

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(Excerpted from SCW's Fundamentals post)
The plantlet sea of green method was developed to maximize the speed of cannabis growing in limited height situations. In a typical sea of green setup of this type, clones are planted at densities as high as 9 per sq. ft. Within a short time after being established, the lights are switched to a 12 hour dark period.What happens to the planted clone?
The clone could just sit there, stretch a bit under the light regime, and flower, producing a tiny little bud with a couple of seeds. But that rarely, if ever, happens. Instead the clone takes off in a rush of growth, forming a woody main stem and branches. If the plant is suitable for sea of green growing, it will stop short of the lights and flower. Most indica dominated plants stop short enough to be grown using this method. That process is at the heart of the sea of green method, as it results in the smallest possible plant flowering in the quickest possible time.
Note that SOG plants are really just "an apple on a stick," that is, the main cola, and perhaps a side bud or two, are cultivated.

This image is of a SOG grow by Overgrow poster Eugene. The plants are in 3 quart pots, which sit on a trough filled will planting medium.
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