What is grafting?

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If only it could be grafted to another plant and end up not looking like a pot plant, now that would really be cool for growing an innocent looking plant, right in your own backyard.
But unfortunately, the graft does nothing but replace the supporting mainstalk and root system, leaving the same (unchanged) pot plant branches (grafts) growing from it.

So, theres really no benefit at all. (except maybe lower plant total count)

IE: You can graft together a plant which has branches of the original strain and graft on other strains as branches, ending up with a single plant with several types (strains) of buds growing on that single plant.

None of the strains will change at all.
You would harvest buds of each respective grafts strain, but none will be changed by its nieghboring different strains.

If a grafted branch becomes seeded, its seeds will be the same as the donor plant would have produced.

All said and done, you will waste valuable time making the grafts take hold, and have no usefull outcome other than the total plant numbers.

[excerpted from a post by 10k]
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