How do I get access to medical marijuana and clones?

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Join a compassion club and/or Co-op.

In California and other states there are several cannabis clubs where you can get your meds.

Here is a list of some of these clubs and groups:

Cannabis Patients' Cooperatives and Support Groups (List from NORML 3-16-00):

Berkeley Cannabis Coop: (510)486-1025

Berkeley Patients' Network Community Center: (510)649-9484

Humboldt Co: Arcata CBC: (707)825-0839

Laytonville: Redwood Herbal Collective: (707)984-7440

Los Angeles (West Hollywood) Cannabis Resource Center: (323)874-0811

Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Coop (Inglewood): (310)674-4444

Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana: (415)893-1811

Mendocino: Ukiah CBC: (707)462-0691

Oakland CBC: (510)832-5346

Plumas Co. - Feather River Coop: (530)283-4517

San Bernardino - American Medical Marijuana Association

Santa Cruz Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana: (831)423-5413

Santa Cruz Med Ex: (831)425-3444

San Diego: CAMC (619)688-9510

San Francisco - CHAMP: (415)248-1794

San Francisco Patients' Resource Center: (415)552-8653

San Francisco Patients' & Caregivers' Health Center (415)701-9537

San Francisco - The Hemp Center (Balboa Ave.) (415)221-HEMP

Santa Monica Patients' Society (310)453-2700

Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana (707)522-0292

Stockton: Angel Wings Patient Outreach (209)474-1705

Ventura Co. Alliance for Marijuana Patients (805)388-0551

Yuba County CBC (530)679-2778
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