Where can I buy growing equipment and supplies?

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Note: Ordering indoor gardening supplies through the mail should only be done if you are comfortable with the supplier. Do not leave a paper trail-- pay with cash or money order.

In Canada
BC Hydroponics:
Brite Light/Que Pousse:
Frank's Magic Crops:
Homegrown Hydroponics:
Jon's Plant Factory:

In Australia and New Zealand
Accent Hydroponics:
High Life Hydroponics:
Hydro Warehouse:
New Zealand Hydroponics:

Orto Magico:

In the United Kingdom
Esoteric Hydroponics:
Evergreen Hydroponics:
Fiveways Hydroponics:
Growell Hydroponics:
The Head Gardener:
High Light:
Holland Hydroponics:
Nutriculture Hydroponic Systems:
21st Century Garden:

In the United States
Alternative Garden Supply:
American Agriculture:
American Hydroponics:
Atlantis Hydroponics:
Crop King:
Diamond Lights:
Discount Garden Supply:
Discount Hydroponics:
East Coast Hydroponics:
Eco Hydroponics:
Foothill Hydroponics:
Gardener's Supply:
General Hydroponics:
Green Air Products:
Green Circle:
Greenfire Gardening Supplies:
Grow King:
Grow Tech:
Harvest Moon:
Home Harvest:
Hydro Depot:
Light Manufacturing Company:
Midwest Hydroponics:
New Earth Hydrogardening:
Pacific Hydroponics:
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply:
Plant It Earth:
Simply Hydroponics:
Sunlight Supply:
Superior Grower's Supply:
The Grow Store:
United Halogen Bulb:
Virginia Hydroponics:
Worm's Way:
77 Hydro:
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