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A Simple Question 5/21/2017 This show is a Discussion on the meltdown that occurred at, and a Simple question is asked by me, to you, about the show.
Cannabis - Getting Caught 5/14/2017 This show is a Discussion on The method of controls that are is use to keep you as a citizen "safe and secure" from the ills and dangers of Cannabis. In regards to Cannabis, the laws are ever changing in their authority and responsibility, but basically the authority is still trying to find ways to curb your behaviours and actions. No, this is NOT a recommendation for Driving under the Influence of Cannabis, but it is a show to open your eyes to the ridiculous attempts that are being made and the cost of these attempts (*being your money and your freedom). The authority is trying to use Breath analysis to determine use, when cannabis (as a drug) can be detected after use for many many hours,long after the effects have dissipated. You can maintain a level of testable properties for 30/60/90 days, depending upon use and frequency and type of test. Unlike Alcohol, cocaine, heroin and the like....Cannabis uses the Endocannabinoid system which is IN YOUR BODY NATURALLY. This is one of the reasons it is detectable long after use. It is a part of who you are.
Cannabis - The Method Of Coercion 5/7/2017 This show is a Discussion on The methods YOU can use to help people understand Cannabis and its benefits (and effects). The first thing to realize is you will NEVER be able to change someones mind (The theory of sameness applies here, in that people assume everyone thinks as they do, and when they are reinforced by their "group" they tend to wash out the opposing views (little bubble?)) (reference NYer article -- ) once they have made it: (From report) "Even after the evidence “for their beliefs has been totally refuted, people fail to make appropriate revisions in those beliefs,” the researchers noted."
Cannabis - The Method Of Control 4/30/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Methods used to coerce the Public (and apparently the future) that Cannabis and Marijuana were: 1. Not the same Plant 2. Horribly bad for you 3. Will cause you to do dastardly things We examine some of the ways that people have been conditioned, not just towards Cannabis. Hopefully, this will lead to understanding how if they can use this technique to get you to buy Soda Pop, they can get you to NOT appreciate Cannabis. We also will look at how it worked, and the methods that can be used to combat the mantra "Cannabis is Bad"
Cannabis - Clearing the Confusion 4/23/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Fallacies that surround Cannabis and its use, and the information that is being presented is skewed and has been skewed to the Negative. When discussing Cannabis in media, the theme that prevails is one of negativity and derision. This show hopes to correct those mis-statements.
Cannabis - Not just For Smoking 4/16/2017 This show is a Discussion on the Other products that Cannabis Plants can offer. Not enough time is spent talking about what Cannabis AS A PLANT can help resolve. Whether it be bad skin or bad Walls,cannabis can be used in many ways to remove the toxic Petroleum products, and replace them with a "Green" solution.
Cannabis - It Just Feels Good 4/9/2017 This show is a Discussion on how Cannabis Makes you just feel good
Cannabis - The Lies We Hear 4/2/2017 This show is a Discussion on the circle we seem to be going through in regards to Cannabis and Cannabis Legislation. We hear the politicians taking steps back into the darkness, all the while spewing the lies that they were raised on. Regardless of the true facts, we explore why this is occurring, how it is happening, and what can be done to correct it.
Cannabis - it takes the Edge Off 3/19/2017 This show is a Discussion on how Cannabis is taken out of Context by the folks that bring you your news, information. Cannabis takes the edge off of life, in a way that is safe and non-toxic for most concerned, yet it is the most reviled of substances. We discuss what it is, and how it can help.
Cannabis - Time To Chill Out 3/12/2017 This show is a The Muscial Interlude I have needed. I hope you have too.

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